I’ve been fan since – Rudolf Stingel

I’ve come to admire Stingel as one of the more no – nonsense – challenging – pleasure – producing painting – painting artist’s around.

Rudolf Stingel at Palazzo Grassi

in Venice opened an exhibition of the work by Italian painter Rudolf Stingel. The entire museum has been devoted to this show, which was curated by the artist himself and features over thirty paintings including previously unseen work as well as known paintings. The interior space has been lined with carpeting with designs taken from antique oriental carpets, which serve as a fascinating backdrop to the monochromatic work of Stingel.

I wouldn’t know where to say intervention stops and destruction begins. 
—Rudolf Stingel

From his captivatingly realistic oil paintings to his innovative use of Celotex, Styrofoam, carpet, and aluminum, Rudolf Stingel challenges traditional notions of what constitutes a painting. Often dealing with subjects of time, memory, and perception, he embraces industrial materials and ornamental design as vehicles for formal exploration and provoked coincidence, whereby the final state of certain installations is determined by the participation of the viewer

Mr. Stingel, who is based in New York, has devoted his career to redefining painting. While he produces plenty of abstract and photorealist works, he is better known for eschewing paint and canvas altogether — making art out of Styrofoam, carpeting and aluminum-faced foam insulation, which viewers scratch and scrawl over.



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